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About Elaine Kub, CFA

Elaine Kub, CFA is an internationally recognized expert on the economics of commodity markets, whose writing and analysis helps institutions and business owners understand the risks and opportunities within the markets.

Decision makers in the agricultural commodity markets are a wide-ranging bunch. They may be as hands-off as a New York hedge fund needing to test an investment theory, or as large as a multi-million-bushel grain processing firm, benefiting from Elaine Kub’s in-depth bespoke research projects and strategic analysis. Or they may count in the thousands of farmers – small- or medium-sized business owners who must individually decide when to sell farm products or buy important inputs, collectively producing some of the most versatile and economically powerful substances ever known to man. Elaine Kub connects with market participants through clear, down-to-earth communication, all backed up by rigorously applied analysis of highly complex topics in stochastic markets. Her work provides strategic market intelligence and fresh, practical insights to a broad scope of clients.

Elaine literally “wrote the book” on grain trading – Mastering the Grain Markets: How Profits Are Really Made, a 360-degree look at all aspects of grain trading, which draws on her experiences as a market analyst, grain merchandiser, futures trader, and farmer. She continues to share her hard-earned insights and economic analysis of the markets’ most pressing issues in an award-winning regular column published by DTN The Progressive Farmer.

Today, her time is split between her consulting work and actively operating the cattle and grain business at the family farm where she grew up in South Dakota, so when she speaks of the risks in commodity markets, she truly knows the stakes involved.

Looking at the big picture.

Freight Congestion and its Impacts on Agricultural Sectors.

If the oil currently flowing on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), which is equivalent to more than 1,100 rail cars per day, were to instead shift to the Midwest rail system, severe freight congestion should be anticipated, as was seen during 2013-2014, and the Midwest agricultural sector could suffer more than $3 billion in annual losses.

Understanding the risks and opportunities.

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Elaine Kub’s fundamental quantitative analysis of the commodity markets is featured in consulting white papers, media commentary, and a bi-weekly column called ‘Kub’s Den,’ which has been published by DTN since 2011. Find her analysis on the following topics below:


Commodity Freight & Supply Chain Issues

Grains: Conditions or Supply & Demand

Livestock Market Fundamentals

Commodities, U.S. Dollar & Economy

Geopolitics & International Markets

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