Mastering the Grain Markets

How Profits are Really Made

In 2012, Elaine Kub identified a need shared by the agriculture and investment industries, so she authored Mastering the Grain Markets: How Profits Are Really Made, a 360-degree look at all aspects of grain trading, which draws on her experiences as a market analyst, grain merchandiser, futures trader, and farmer. The book’s rigorous analysis and clear, approachable communication has subsequently served as the standard introduction to the market for thousands of ag econ students, traders, farmers, consumers, merchandisers, and investors.

2018 version available now on your preferred format.

The author really knows what she’s talking about as she dives deep on the whole cycle of Ag Markets … I could not recommend this book more. It broadened my view about Ag Market in a way that I never dreamed of.


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The writing style was excellent in that what could be a relatively technical, boring subject was presented in an enjoyable, fun read.


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Fantastic book for the grains trader! Written in an easy to read fashion. This book kept me interested from beginning to end and taught me things I didn’t know existed! Elaine definitely knows her stuff!


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Elaine’s book opened up more of this key industry than I could’ve imagined. Her first hand experience in farming and merchandising is evident throughout and her authorship is conversational and approachable. She makes a potentially complex issue easy to consume.


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A very tough subject and an author who loves it.


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Super concise. Super insightful. Brought a lot of clarity to an unclear space.

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As a grain trader, I find this book irreplaceable!


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The book itself is irreplaceable. To my knowledge, no other book covers the grains market from growing the stuff to the futures market. Various basis trades done by farmers and grain elevators are described. The biology of growing grains is described. The motivation of all market participants is described. Some of the major players are described. This book is wonderful; I wish something like it existed for all the futures markets. It’s not going to give you the latest Andy Lo approved econometric models for the forward curve; this book is meant to be used by practitioners, hedgers and speculators at all levels of sophistication. It’s the real nuts and bolts of the grain trade.


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Outstanding! An interesting and informative “Course” that should be the premise of anyone interested in Futures of any type. It comfortably reads as if Warren Buffet met Lois L’AMour with a slight penchant of polite brashness borne of true grit and experience.


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